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August 17th 2012 print

Philippa Martyr

Snappy as Larry

A reader's guide to cartoonist Pickering's ongoing coverage of our Prime Minister's misadventures, amorous and otherwise, with former beau Bruce Wilson and those AWU bank accounts

Cartoonist Larry Pickering has been blogging on the Gillard-AWU scandal, and has truly pushed out the boat, perhaps in the hope of being taken to court and sued for defamation. (How good God has been to poor old Gough. He’s actually lived long enough to see a government that makes his own look honourable, decent and upstanding.)

 For those of you who haven’t seen it, the key posts are, in chronological order:

 1) Our Prime Minister is a Crook
In which we meet the principal characters who engage in extortion and ongoing thuggery, payoffs, bribes and sackings. 

2) Is Our Prime Minister a Crook?
In which our heroine fails to realise her married lover is actually seeing other women, including his wife.

3) Is Our Prime Minister a Crook?
In which we meet a tousled Nicola Roxon, a sparkly engagement ring, Bill Shorten,and rampant infidelity. 

4) Is Our Prime Minister a Crook?
In which a tearful Gillard departs Slater & Gordon under interesting and romantic circumstances.

5) Is Our Prime Minister a Crook?
In which we find out ‘What Julia Did Next’, including seeking preselection.

 Philippa Martyr blogs at Transverse City