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October 2016

Volume LX No 10, No 530

Download PDF locked

Letters to the Editor

Boyd's 'Brides' and other matters locked


The Post-Brexit Ball-Game John O’Sullivan


Islam's Martyrs to Self-Pity Anthony Daniels


The Six Pillars of Australia David Flint

How Islam Saved the West Stephen H. Balch


Tony Abbott: Keeping Reform Alive Tony Abbott

There’s Nothing Wrong with Democracy locked James Kierstead

Let Us All Have Our Say C.J. Ryan

Foreign Affairs

Russian Regret: Alexander Dugin and the Ends of History locked Salvatore Babones

Obama’s War Daryl McCann


The Spy from Parramatta High Michael Connor


The Great Paedophile Witch Hunt locked Christie Davies


Brief Reflections on God, Man, the Universe locked Harry Gelber

Liberalism’s Problem with Christianity Simon P. Kennedy

Religious Freedom and Muslim Terrorism Augusto Zimmermann


Anxious Activists and Nature’s Essential Resilience locked Gary Furnell


Terrorism and the Battle for Language locked Peter R. Clyne


Choosing Our National Shirt locked Peter Costello

There Must Be More to Life locked Mark McGinness

No Need to Apologise, Alas locked James McCann

Cockroaches in Paradise locked Jane Sutton

Free and Easy locked Robert Murray


Against the Tide locked Patricia Azarias


Romeo and Juliet as Film Noir locked Neil McDonald

Japan's War Guilt and 'Rashomon' Christopher Heathcote


Ambon locked Sean O’Leary


Home and Away locked Jenny Stewart


Suzanne Edgar: Four Poems locked Suzanne Edgar

Saxby Pridmore: Daddy, please don’t go locked Saxby Pridmore

Russell Erwin: Sightings locked Russell Erwin

R.J. Stove: Thoughts on the Recent Murders of Police Officers locked R.J. Stove

Margaret Bradstock: Two Poems locked Margaret Bradstock

Knute Skinner: Five Poems locked Knute Skinner

Ivan Head: Two Poems locked Ivan Head

Dan Guenther: Looking for Uncle Max, Northern Queensland, 2012 locked Dan Guenther

Carolyn Evans Campbell: Two Poems locked Carolyn Evans Campbell

Barbara Fisher: Two Poems locked Barbara Fisher

Alan Gould: Two Poems locked Alan Gould