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July-August 2016

Volume LX no78, No 528


The Weatherwoman locked Michael Connor


The Death of Public Architecture locked Philip Drew


Bertrand Tavernier and the Great War locked Neil McDonald


Warrior Intelligence locked Alan Gould

Nature Writing and Beyond Jane Sutton


Rain from Another Planet locked R.N. Callander

Libby Sommer: Jean-Pierre locked Libby Sommer


Neighbours Jenny Stewart


C.R. McArthur: Watching Billy locked C.R. McArthur

Elisabeth Wentworth: According to John locked Elisabeth Wentworth

Les Murray: A Friendship locked Les Murray

John Whitworth: Four Poems locked John Whitworth

Joe Dolce: Six Poems locked Joe Dolce

Ken Stone: Moving locked Ken Stone

Hal G.P. Colebatch: Two Poems locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Gabriel Fitzmaurice: Father Pat locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Michael Crane: One Day in the Country locked Michael Crane

Moya Pacey: Two Poems locked Moya Pacey

Patrick McCauley: from The Sea Palace Hotel locked Patrick McCauley

Peter Skrzynecki: Three Poems Peter Skrzynecki

Rebecca White: Away He Went locked

Victoria Field: Two Poems locked Victoria Field