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January-February 2015

Volume LIX, No 1-2


Touched at All Points locked Peter Arnold

Mozart Demythologised locked David Hush


Walkways locked Jennifer Compton


Les Murray: Beasts of the City locked Les Murray

Jamie Grant: Form With Feeling locked Geoffrey Lehmann

Hal GP Colebatch: Eric Hobsbawm locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Doug Buckley: Be careful what you quip locked

Kim Core: My Conscience locked Kim Core

Anna Fern: Cash's labels locked Anna Fern

Gary Hotham: Six haiku locked

Robyn Lance: Four poems locked Robyn Lance

Joe Dolce: Three poems locked

Saxby Pridmore: Three Poems locked

Peter Skrzynecki: Three poems locked Peter Skrzynecki

John Whitworth: Three poems locked John Whitworth

Derek Fenton: Two poems locked Derek Fenton

Alan Gould: Two poems locked Alan Gould

Elisabeth Wentworth: Two poems locked Elisabeth Wentworth

Graeme Hetherington: Two poems locked Graeme Hetherington

Andrew Lansdown: Two poems locked Andrew Lansdown