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June 2014

Volume LVIII, No 6

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Why Section 18C Can’t Silence Racists Keith Windschuttle


Lesser and Greater Faults in Australian Education locked Geoffrey Partington


What Is Art? Gombrich, Popper and Anderson locked Tronn Overend

A Great Australian Private Collection locked Douglas Hassall


Farmers Went a-Wooing locked Robert Murray

Ultimate Questions locked Brian Dethridge


Arazou locked Paul Greguric

New Morning locked Morris Lurie

Au Poor locked Libby Sommer


Mary Reibey’s Newel Post locked Peter Ryan


The Two Films of Gaslight locked Neil McDonald

Jacques Tati in the Ultra-Modern House locked Christopher Heathcote


Different Stages locked Michael Connor


The Whitlam Government and the Betrayal of the South Vietnamese Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Imperialist War That Wasn’t Mervyn F. Bendle


Choose Your Ancestors Carefully Peter Murphy

Surrogacy and the Misbegotten Family John Prineas

First Person

Short Takes XV locked Alan Gould

Foreign Affairs

The Looming Prospect of a New Cold War Daryl McCann

The Tactical Myth of Palestinian Identity Brian Wimborne


Thomas Piketty's Questionable Equations Peter Smith


The New War of the Roses B.J. Coman

Bill Gibson, Cochlear Implant Hero Julia Patrick

Letter to the Editor

We Put Up with It ... locked Malcolm H. Brandon

Freedom of Speech

Mona And Those 'Rich Old White Males' Kerryn Pholi


Stephen McInerney: Four Poems locked Stephen McInerney

Gary Clark: From Adelaide to Alice Springs locked Gary Clark

Robyn Lance: Three Poems locked Robyn Lance

Paul Williamson: Two Poems locked Paul Williamson

Joe Dolce: The Ballad of the Gangster Paul Kelly locked Joe Dolce

Brad Jackel: Schooled locked Brad Jackel

Victoria Field: Two Poems locked Victoria Field

Pascale Petit: Five Poems locked Pascale Petit

Pear locked John Ridland

Andrew Lansdown: Three Poems locked Andrew Lansdown

Elizabeth Smither: Four Poems locked Elizabeth Smither

Marilyn Peck: Two Poems locked Marilyn Peck