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December 2013

Volume LVII, No 12

Download PDF locked


Celebrating Quadrant locked John Howard, Keith Windschuttle, Peter Coleman and Les Murray, Tony Abbott

The Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood's Rise and Fall Daryl McCann

World War I

Imagining the Great War Mervyn F. Bendle


The War at Home Keith Windschuttle


Jesus: A Classical Perspective Philip Ayres

Reappraising Relations Between Christians and Jews locked Michael Giffin

The Decline Of The Suburban Church Christopher Akehurst

Eve and the Apple locked Bruce Fleming


A Town in Time locked Penelope Nelson


Kalgoorlie ... and Disappointing Annie locked Sean O’Leary


Colonel Bellah and Admiral Ford locked Neil McDonald

Stanley Kubrick’s Gothic Labyrinth locked Christopher Heathcote


Love Song to a Dead Stalinist Michael Connor


The Marriage Wars Geoffrey Luck

Same-Sex Marriage and Illogical Claims of Inequality John de Meyrick


The Eugenic Resurgence and Abortion locked


Long-Term Defence Planning on Short-Term Electoral Cycles Michael O’Connor

ANZUS and the Monroe Doctrine locked Michael Cook


The Power and Necessity of Consumer Surplus locked Philip Hayward

Aboriginal Policy

Indigenous Recognition's Misguided Case Frank Salter


The Usual: A Tribute locked Alan Gould

Four short poems locked Peter Bakovski

Little Grandpa Train Ride locked Joe Dolce

Homo Erectus; Through a Glass locked Olivia Byard

Quince locked Andy Kissane

Mango locked Andy Kissane

The Quarrel with Self locked Alan Gould

Carpe Diem in Balmain locked Paolo Totaro

The Wily Wall locked Derek Fenton

Pin Boy locked Joe Dolce

Lyrebird locked Paolo Totaro

Piping Plovers Across from Charles Island locked Keayr Braxton

Rhubarb locked Andy Kissane

Indestructible locked J.R. McRae

Puffing smoke; The space you inhabit locked Robyn Rowland

Summer Afternoon locked Judy Johnson

Years Later locked Knute Skinner