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July-August 2013

Volume LVII, No 7-8

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Union mates don't come cheap Keith Windschuttle


The Intolerance of Religious Tolerance Laws locked Augusto Zimmermann


The Age of Global Warming is Over Paul Collits


The History Herd locked Gregory Haines

A Real Novelist locked Tim Murphy


Stendhal’s Privileges locked Iain Bamforth


Mac Ball locked Peter Ryan


John Ford’s “Ealing” Movie locked Neil McDonald


Feet Firmly on the Terrazzo locked Michael Connor


A Short History of Class Warfare in Australia locked Gordon Adler

The Atlantic Dreaming of Italo Balbo locked Geoffrey Luck


The Malevolent Elite


The Unarmed Retreat of the West Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Rise of China and Australia’s Security Harry Gelber


Brief Encounter with the Real Thing locked Allan Gould

Leg Spinner locked Sean O’Leary

First Person

Slow Boat from China locked Murray Mitchell

Remembering Magoo locked Nana Ollerenshaw


The Centralist Agenda in Disguise David Flint

A Looming Fall of Shakespearean Proportions Catherine Parish


Facing Up to Australia’s Lost Competitiveness P.D. Jonson

Philosophy and Ideas

Heidegger and the Nazi Philosophers Mervyn F. Bendle


The House of Orange and the House of Windsor locked Mark McGinness


The Terrorist Delusions of Robert Redford Daryl McCann

South America

The Search for Paraguay’s Elusive Elysium locked Joe Dolce

Brazil’s Capitalist Revolution Lincoln Wright


Cecil Cook and the Remote Aborigines locked Barry Leithhead


Looking Back locked David Chandler

Argument of an Atheist locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Dry Stone (County Galway) locked Judy Johnson

4th August 1952 locked Russell Erwin

Typing WWII Letters (i. m. R.A. Usher) locked Rod Usher

Words locked Rod Usher

Markings locked David Chandler

The Budawangs locked Russell Erwin

Two poems locked Rod Moran

Imaginary Gardens Real Toads locked Joe Dolce

The Child is Father of the Man locked Andy Kissane

Thumbnail Stanzas locked Alan Gould

Holland’s Nadir locked Les Murray

Five Flowers locked Andrew Lansdown

Wherein the Snow is Hid locked Catherine Chandler

Inheritance locked Andy Kissane

Swans; Black dog, grey muzzle locked Robyn Lance

Work Early locked Tim Murphy

Melvis and Elvis locked Dennis Lee

Parallels of Lassitude locked Sheryl Persson

Two poems locked Andrew Lansdown

Christ of the Ozarks Mike Carlson locked Mike Carlson

The New Building locked Jamie Grant

i.m. Paul Stevens, Editor locked Tim Murphy