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May 2013

Volume LVII, No 5

Download PDF locked


Memorial for a Mother Not Yet Dead locked J.R. McRae


Camped By a Billabong locked David F. Smith

Remaking Australia as a Frontier Society Mervyn F. Bendle


Provocative Paradoxes locked Gary Furnell


How to save the Environment from Green Ideologues Daryl McCann


What Russia Chooses to Forget locked Michael Giffen

A Small Town in the Depression Michael Wilding


The Mouth of Hell locked B.J. Coman

The Novel as Artwork: Christopher Koch’s Lost Voices locked Pauline Farley


This Most Privileged Madness locked Lin van Hek


Aboriginal Questions locked Peter Ryan


Les Miserables on Screeen locked Neil McDonald


Un-Astonishing Theatre locked Michael Connor


Aboriginal Child Abuse the Royal Commission Cannot Avoid Tony Thomas

The Easy Moralism of the Adoption Apology locked Jeremy Sammut

The Inexorable Expansion of the Welfare Class Brian Wimborne

Moderate Muslims Are the Problem, Not the Solution Peter Smith


Correspondence locked


The Decline of American Military Leadership locked Michael Evans

First Person

Mavis locked Frank P. English


Margaret Thatcher John O’Sullivan


Why the ABC Should Be Privatised Tom Switzer


Australia's Prospects in a World of Soaring Debt Alan Moran

Higher Education

The Rise and Fall of Our Bureaucratic Universities Peter Murphy

The Dismissal

Legal Advice and Political Bias in the Dismissal locked John de Meyrick

Labor's Selective Constitutional Conventions David Smith

The Law

The Economic Case for Reinstating QCs Stuart Wood


Alan Gould: Two Poems locked Alan Gould

Jamie Grant: Two Poems locked Jamie Grant

Turtle Turning locked Jamie Grant

The Dr Seuss That Switched His Voice locked Joe Dolce

Schrodinger’s Cat locked Dan Guenther

Moon Dreaming locked Patrick McCauley

Moon Dreaming locked Patrick McCauley

Rothwell on the New Pitjantjatjara Paintings locked Patrick McCauley

Us2 Andrew Lansdown

Miners Shack locked Patrick McCauley

Sketch locked Joe Dolce

Platypus locked Nan Ollerenshaw

Farm Houses locked Leon Trainor

Inheritance locked Judy Johnson

Blue Bottles locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Two Poems locked Elizabeth Lewis

Ikeya-Seki locked Leon Trainor

Jesmond Park locked Leon Trainor

Three Poems locked Peter Skrzynecki

High Water at Lake George locked Graham Walker

Trees, trees locked Leon Trainor

Mali Blues Guitarist locked Andrew Lansdown