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April 2013

Volume LVII, No 4

Download PDF locked


Australia's 'Historical Trajectory' Keith Windschuttle


Swerving Round History locked Matthew Walther

Transformations locked Stephen McInerney

Pacing the Faith locked Robert Murray


Douglas Stewart locked Vivian Smith

Zest locked Iain Bamforth

Douglas Stewart locked Vivian Smith


Michael Cannon’s 'Land Boomers' locked Peter Ryan


Historical Films That Become Part of History locked Neil McDonald

How Ingmar Bergman Filmed Edvard Munch locked Christopher Heathcote & Jai Marshall

Visconti’s Sorrow locked Nigel Jackson


The Role of National Character in Australia’s Prosperity Thomas Barlow

The Ethnic Cleansing of Greeks from Gallipoli, April 1915 John Williams

The Downfall of Gough Whitlam (Part II) J.B. Paul




Blame locked Morris Lurie

The Rustle of Spring locked G.F. Adler

First Person

A Memoir of Rhodesia, 1975 locked Rosaleen Smyth

The Calling locked Murray Mitchell


Reconciling Liberalism and Conservatism Ona Grossnickle

How Conservatives Can Win the Ethnic Vote Tanveer Ahmed

Nationalism and Identity Politics in Israel Daryl McCann

Philosophy & Ideas

Derrida and the Destruction of the Humanities Mervyn F. Bendle


Abbey Fever locked Nana Ollerenshaw

The Subtle Besmirching of Leo Amery Hal G.P. Colebatch


While Millions Starved Ted Rule

Portents of War Between China and Japan locked Paul Monk

Aboriginal Policy

Aboriginal Liberation Through Integration locked Stephanie Jarrett

Reinventing the Wheel in Aboriginal Policy locked Jan Cooper


The Shock locked Jennifer Compton

Awaiting the Birth locked Tim Murphy

“By lust alone we keep the mind alive” locked Olivia Byard

Heart locked Adam L. Darragh

Whoso Curseth locked Joe Dolce

Olivia Byard: Two Poems locked Olivia Byard

High in the Berkshires (for RPW) locked Tim Murphy

Remembering Grandfather Ken Stone

Christine Keeler Rod Moran

A Loon Sang in Walloon locked Joe Dolce

Time-Sharing locked Dennis O’Driscoll

Pullus Cosmologica locked Joe Dolce

Elegy for Old Feller locked Joe Dolce

Short Wave locked Joe Dolce

Bird Signatures locked Les Murray