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January - February 2013

Volume LVII, No 1-2

Download PDF locked


A Summary Stephen McInerney

Two Poems locked John Whitworth

In The Gardens locked Leon Trainor

Tourists at Dusk locked Victoria Field


The Literature Board's New Low Keith Windschuttle


The Quest for Jesus Mervyn F. Bendle


When Beckett Commissioned Giacometti Christopher Heathcote


Gestures at the Dark locked Jeremy Buxton

A Philosophy of Buttons locked Iain Bamforth

The Elusive Miss Donnithorne locked Angela Smith


Rappaport Takes Lunch locked Morris Lurie

The White Column locked Hal G.P. Colebatch


Up to the Minute with Samuel Johnson locked Peter Ryan


Music in the Heart locked Neil McDonald


Once Upon a Stage locked Michael Connor


The Delusions of Asian Engagement David Martin Jones & Nicholas Khoo


The Borderland Peoples of Eastern Europe Patrick Morgan


Historical Reality and Australian Identity locked Brian Wimborne

Father Scapegoat Joe Dolce


Correspondence locked

First Person

So Goodly a Land locked Nana Ollerenshaw


The Greenmailing of Primary Producers Ron Boswell

Philosophy & Ideas

The Components of the Real World John Burnheim

The Myth of Misogyny Stephen Buckle


Nazi Counterpoint: Bach and Mendelssohn locked James Aitchison

Pedagogue and Proselyte R.J. Stove

The Pacific

The Naughty Nation of Nauru Tony Thomas

The United States

The New Politics of Data-Driven Elections Steve Kates

Barack Obama v The Party of Lincoln Daryl McCann

The Promise of Strife to Come Phillip Hilton


Three Poems locked Tim Murphy

The Pattern in the Carpet locked John Whitworth

First Sight locked John Whitworth

Sand-Bathing locked Andrew Lansdown

Poetry Reading locked Saxby Pridmore

Three Poems locked Andrew Lansdown

Garden locked Myra Schneider

Salute to Baroque, Llewellyn Hall, ANU locked Robyn Lance

Knobby Clubsedge locked Adrienne Eberhard

Hobart in the Sixties locked Saxby Pridmore

The Wind’s Longing locked Stephen McInerney

Three Poems locked Elizabeth Smither

Dragonfly locked Vanessa Proctor

At Breakfast locked Barbara Fisher

3.30 a.m. locked Christine Paice

My Eternal Captain locked Christine Paice

Hard locked Christine Paice

Fourteen Short Poems Jennifer Compton