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September 2012

Volume LVI, No 9

Download PDF locked


Close Combat at the HRC Keith Windschuttle, September 2012


Cultural Erasure Patrick McCauley

Charles Bukowski and the Habit of Art locked Gary Furnell

Les Murray, Anthologist Alan Gould


Service locked Kerry Conway


The Almost Broken Country locked Peter Ryan


Shadow Masters locked Neil McDonald


At the Cabaret locked Michael Connor


Stonehenge: Druids, Scientists and the Heritage Moneybox locked Geoffrey Luck


Gay Marriage and the Growth of State Intervention Gerard Calilhanna


Letters to the Editor locked George Brandis, Stanley Croker, Anthony Sharpe, Tony Caldersmith, Tony Winkelman, Samuel Beaux, Peter Gerard, Garth Fraser, John Weir, Geoffrey Luck


Submarines and All That locked Michael O’Connor

First Person

In Pursuit of Cannibals locked Robin Barclay


The End of the Age of Reform Peter Murphy

How Obama is Fashioning Post-America Daryl McCann

Johnson in the White House Stephen Wilks

On the End of History Mervyn F. Bendle

The Madness of Crowds with Too Much Money Ted Rule


Cosmic Implications of the Higgs Bosun locked John O’Connor

Philosophy and Ideas

The Lethal Philosophy of Peter Singer James Franklin

From Dystopia to Utopia: Nazi euthanasia/eugenics and their re-emergence Brian Wimborne

Killing with Kindness locked John Derbyshire


The Vanishing Australian Tablespoon locked Michael Giffen

Book Review

Dogmatic Science locked Sev Sternhell

Our Wits, Not Our Pits locked Peter Coleman

The Female Muse locked R.J. Stove


Diabetica locked Les Murray

Under the Gaze of KL's High Rise Eyes locked Robyn Lance

For Two Now Captive of That Moment locked Russell Erwin

The Executioner's Tale locked B N Oakman

Odes to the Street-walkers of Dili locked Jemal Sharah

Hope Road locked Philippa Martyr

Volkssturm locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Waiter and the Tourist in Turkey locked Robyn Lance

Still Life locked David Chandler

Two Poems locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Stephanie's War locked John Upton

Two Poems locked Jemal Sharah

Zurbaran’s folds Jacqui Wise