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July - August 2012

Volume LVI, No 7-8

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Keith Windschuttle July-August 2012


The War against Human Nature II: Gender Studies (Part 2) Frank Salter

The War against Human Nature II: Gender Studies (Part 1) Frank Salter


Is the Universe a Closed System? Peter Barclay

The Revisionist Case That Muhammad Did Not Exist Mervyn F. Bendle


My Hands Are My Heart locked Iain Bamforth


The Ruinous Privileges of Renewable Energy Ray Evans & Tom Quirk


Albert Tucker and Existentialist Paris locked Christopher Heathcote


The Realm of Ozymandias locked Benjamin Jellis

Blameless Yet Talented locked Philippa Martyr

Clueless in Mangoland locked Ian McFadyen

Squanderers and Vandals locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Seamlessly through the Quatrains locked Tim Murphy


A Friend of My People at Home: Marcus Clarke and Captain Frederick Standish locked Michael Wilding


Friends in Dusty Places locked Peter Ryan


Danish Noir and Australian Light locked Neil McDonald


Theatrical Haze Michael Connor


“Aryan Australia” in the National Curriculum locked David S. Bird

The Principled Pragmatist Daryl McCann


The Missionary with 150 Wives James Franklin


Letters to the Editor locked Helen J. Wilson, Suzanne Edgar, Robyn Williams, Philip Webb, Matthew Heeney, Tony Minchin, James Guest


Light Shines from the Poker Machines locked Gary Furnell

The Final Act locked Bernadette Belej

First Person

The Last of the Coastal Liners locked Geoffrey Luck


The Roots of Green Politics in German Romanticism Brian Wimborne


Our Galactic Significance locked John O’Connor


Toy Boy locked John Whitworth

Give Me Little Sugar with My Beer Sylvie locked Joe Dolce

How Many Poets Does It Change locked Joe Dolce

Silver Tussockgrass locked Adrienne Eberhard

Sorrow of God locked Chris King

Hook, Line and Sinker locked Derek Fenton

Dog in the Road; locked Knute Skinner

Particulars locked Knute Skinner

Greeks Bearing Gifts locked Michael Sariban

Leaf Shadows locked Barbara Fisher

Something in the Grass locked Knute Skinner

Marie Laveau La Belle Voodooienne locked Joe Dolce

Jack Johnson and the Mann Act locked Joe Dolce

The Factoid Multi-Universe locked John Whitworth

A Decent Skin locked Knute Skinner

Blackout locked Susan Adams

A Visit to Cambridge locked Peter Hansen

Three Poems locked Peter Hansen

Dropping Osip Mandelsh’tam locked Christopher Nailer

from Stroke Poems locked Aidan Coleman

The Awful Flanders and Wallonia Train Wreck locked Joe Dolce

Evening locked Barbara Fisher