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April 2012

Volume LVI, No 4

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Keith Windschuttle April 2012


Vile Medicine Aniello Iannuzzi

Hygiene of the Soul locked Iain Bamforth


Nobel Rot Michael Kile


The Artist Signwriter locked Christopher Akehurst & Anthony Bailey

John Brack and the Allegorical Still Life locked Christopher Heathcote

The Constitution

A Tale of Two Panels James Spigelman

Why Local Government Should Not Be Recognised in the Constitution David Mitchell


Victorian Paper Trails locked Tony Thomas

Taking Wells Further locked Jeremy Buxton

The Burden of Responsibility locked Julia Patrick

The Last Days of the Bonurong locked Robert Murray


Swinging Theodolite locked Rafe Champion


Skinned locked Tanya Thistleton


The Horse and the Nation locked Peter Ryan


That Old Movie Magic locked Neil McDonald


Deaf & Dumb Michael Connor


Letters to the Editor locked Peter Proudfoot, Kerry Boulton, Frank Pulsford, Chris Curtis, John Hill, John Wetherall, Donald G. Runcie

First Person

Ochre locked Paul Oates

Democracy Wall, Beijing, 1979 Daryl McCann

One Day in September locked Brian Wimborne


The Case for Freedom in the Labour Market Ray Evans

Foreign Affairs

What Is Going On in Syria? Paul Stenhouse


The Mysteries of the Floating Dollar P.D. Jonson


Living in Protest locked Patrick Morgan

Raimond Gaita locked Geoffrey Partington


How Civilisations Die Mervyn F. Bendle


Bad Nights in Tents locked Tim Murphy

Miles City locked Tim Murphy

Autumn Song locked Jan Owen

Dearest Val locked Marilyn Peck

I Haven't Forgotten locked Jan Owen

Out of Book locked Joe Dolce

Girls Are Exciting locked John Whitworth

Lafayette’s Mixture locked Joe Dolce

The Servant locked Jan Owen

Lead locked Joe Dolce

CONJURING PHỞ locked Joe Dolce

Among Those Missing locked Bruce Dawe

On the Present European Disunion locked Bruce Dawe

THỊT CHÓ locked Joe Dolce

Missed Appointment John Whitworth

Ab Origine locked Margaret Harvey

The Whales at Coledale Hospital locked Margaret Harvey

Voices of a Distant Star locked John Whitworth

To Stephen Edgar, on his sixtieth birthday locked Tim Murphy

Ask and Ye Shall Enter locked Tim Murphy

Three Poems locked Andrew Lansdown