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March 2012

Volume LVI, No 3

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Keith Windschuttle March 2012


The Fictive World of Rajendra Pachauri Tony Thomas


Memories and Dismemories locked Jan Owen

Digging Deep locked Trevor Sykes

Stopping the Rot Victor Stepien


Reading Rekindled? locked Morris Lurie


Taking Liberties locked Peter Ryan


The Return of the Dragon Tattoo locked Neil McDonald


Small Performances Michael Connor


Bazaar Cities of the Levant locked Patrick Morgan


The Push for Same-Sex Marriage locked Michael Giffin

Why Conservatives Should Support Same-Sex Marriage locked John Zerilli

Gay Marriage and Legal Fiction locked John de Meyrick


Letters to the Editor locked J.A.H. Brown, David F. Smith, Geoffrey Luck, Michael O’Connor, David Smith, K.A. Nelson, Peter Hamburger, Andrew Green, Gaby Berger, David Chapman, John Williams, Bernard d’Abrera, Tony Andrews

First Person

The Altar of the Dead locked C.A.R. Hills

Short Takes X locked Alan Gould

The Nadworna Massacre locked Sev Sternhell


A Modest Proposal for the ABC Christopher Akehurst


Beware the Global Citizen Patrick McCauley

Global Governance v Democratic Sovereignty John O’Sullivan

Pax Americana and US Decline Keith Windschuttle


Floating the Dollar (II) John Stone

Philosophy & Ideas

The Slave Girl and the Professor Roger Sandall

David Hume and the Atheists locked Ross Barham

The Religious Critique behind David Hume’s Philosophy locked Stephen Buckle


Hey Mr Cowbell Man Joe Dolce

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Expression in a World of Vanishing Boundaries Nicholas Hasluck


Near Bray-sur-Somme locked Duncan McIntyre

Shifting Silage Under a Summer Moon locked Russell Erwin

Heroics locked Doug Buckley

Dear Clive locked Wendy Videlock

Broome Taxi Rides locked Leon Trainor

Inventing Italics locked John Ridland

Crossing locked John Carey

Postcards from Capri locked Vivian Smith

Wodjila Dreaming locked Leon Trainor

Blue Movies locked Ron Pretty

On a plane to Cuba locked Michael Crane

A Strange Thing locked Duncan McIntyre

Comfort and Oy locked Wendy Videlock

English as a Second Language locked Les Murray

River out of Africa locked Ron Pretty

In Memory of Uncle Leon locked Roy W. Gotaas

Kookaburra locked Janine Fraser

Haiku locked Gary Hotham

Chameleon locked Leon Trainor

On a Day of Power-line Maintenance locked Russell Erwin

Canary-yellow sloop with a Bermuda rig locked Dan Guenther