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January - February 2012

Volume LVI, No 1-2

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Keith Windschuttle January February 2012


God v Allah III locked Bernard d’Abrera


When Antonioni Met Rothko locked Christopher Heathcote


The Hard Left Bias of the Mass Media locked Steven Kates

An Event of Some Importance John Bryson


The New Russian Novelists locked Irina Dunn

Literary Academics Are Full of Pooh locked Michael Giffin

My Friend Will locked Rob Nugent


A Serving of Bacon locked Peter Ryan


The Bard or Not the Bard locked Neil McDonald


Grey Gardens in Melbourne Michael Connor


Fact, Counterfactual, and Fiction locked Philippa Martyr


Existential Threats versus Cockeyed Optimism Peter Smith


Letters to the Editor locked Hal Colebatch, John Hill, Suzanne Edgar, Susan Reibel Moore, Murray Mitchell, Christopher Cooper, Bernard d’Abrera, Reg Naulty, Colin Pratt, Peter Proudfoot, Tony McCurdy, David Secomb


The Quiet Stars locked John Saul

Returning to Carthage locked Ben Sharafski

First Person

Why Italy is in Trouble locked Geoffrey Luck


Society from a Cosmic Perspective locked John O’Connor

The Gold, the Red and the Green Alan Moran

The National Character in Joe Lyons Greg Melleuish

Daniel Bell and the Need for the Sacred locked Peter Murphy

The Other Side of Dick Cheney Kieran Morris


A Free Market Defence of Industrial Tribunals Steven Kates

Part I: Floating the Dollar: Facts and Fiction John Stone

Part II: Floating the Dollar: Facts and Fiction John Stone


The Rum Sedges locked Roger Underwood

Smoking Out Evil Spirits Christopher Akehurst


Biblical Imagery in the Songs of Creative Infidels Joe Dolce

Freedom of Speech

The Difficult History of Free Speech Richard Allsop


I'm Not Crying locked Marilyn Peck

I Know locked Kathy Duggan

A Short Essay on Walking locked Geoff Page

Sayings locked Rod Usher

Tomato Blues locked Rod Usher

Learning to Know One's Place locked Graeme Hetherington

Gravity locked Tricia Dearborn

Flight locked Rod Usher

Anniversary Poem locked David Chandler

Portent locked Rod Moran

Father and the Cordial Factory locked Graeme Hetherington

The Nigger in the Woodpile locked Graeme Hetherington

Women with Infants locked Andrew Lansdown

Stone Diary locked Victoria Field

Porch locked Victoria Field

After the Wedding locked Victoria Field

Persistence of the Reformation locked Les Murray

Full Moon at Little White Alice locked Victoria Field

The Fell of Day locked Victoria Field

Old Man's Beard locked John Whitworth

Robbing Banks locked John Whitworth

The Sad Policeman locked John Whitworth

Prague locked Victoria Field

Banished locked John Whitworth