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December 2011

Volume LV, No 12

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Keith Windschuttle November 2011


Room for Fetishes locked Iain Bamforth

Ancient Origins of the Anglosphere locked Robert Murray

What Poetry Is Really About locked Hal G.P. Colebatch


On Educational Disadvantage locked Geoffrey Partington


Walking Away from Giants locked Chad Swanson


How to Write a Political Novel Nicholas Hasluck

“Stories Don’t Lie if Left to Themselves” locked Gary Furnell


Fit and Proper locked Peter Ryan


Allusion and Delusion locked Neil McDonald


Playing for Laughs locked Michael Connor


Winchester and the Authorised Version locked Christopher Dawson

Thomas Keneally, Starving for Evidence Andrew Roberts

Part II: Why Women Really Got the Vote Jeremy Sammut

Part I: Why Women Really Got the Vote Jeremy Sammut

“Japan Calling”: An Australian Quisling locked David Bird


December 25 and Our Place in the Cosmos Paul Monk

A Liberal Response to the Decline of Marriage Barry Maley


Letters to the Editor locked Greg Buchanan, Geoff Holt, Bill James, George Nikolic, Bernard d’Abrera, Gregory Haines, Chris Curtis, Tony Hassall, John de Meyrick, David Smith, T. Varjavandi


Hunted locked Wayne Strudwick

On the Brink locked R.J. Armstrong

First Person

An Aid Worker in Vukovar locked Mishka Gora

Secrets of the Tea Country locked Tina Faulk


Julia Gillard, Henry V and True Leadership Rob Nugent

The Politics of Demography and the Census Michael Kile

The Millennial Psychosis Daryl McCann

The Geo-Political Case for a Big Australia Patrick Morgan


Moral Absolutes and the Multiplicity of Languages locked Anna Wierzbicka


A Prosperous Communist Abroad locked Alan Fewster

The Lamp of Illusion locked Gordon Adler


Helping to Destroy the Family locked Michael Galak


Loving Care locked Margaret Harvey

Driving through Moss Vale, late locked Russell Erwin

The Musical Offering locked Margaret Harvey

Night on the Lake locked Margaret Harvey

Grandma’s house in war-torn NSW locked Margaret Harvey

Hospital Records locked Russell Erwin

Installation 001 locked Ouyang Yu

Fisherman, Busselton Jetty locked Andrew Lansdown

Part of ... locked Ouyang Yu

Jigsaw locked Bruce Dawe

The hydrangeas locked Janine Fraser

Two Poems locked Sheryl Persson

Babi Yar locked J.R. McRae

God–Satan Dialogue locked Bruce Dawe

Border Security locked Bruce Dawe

Four Poems locked Christine Paice

Returning for a Minor Operation locked Russell Erwin

The Big Picture locked Russell Erwin

Funeral locked John Foulcher