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November 2011

Volume LV, No 11

Download PDF locked


Keith Windschuttle November, 2011


Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Grim Walk to Freedom Andrew Lansdown


Government Schools Good, Other Schools Bad Kevin Donnelly


The Lone Stand of Vaclav Klaus David Henderson


Did Grace Cossington Smith Read Virginia Woolf? locked Christopher Heathcote

Australia’s Gallery World (Part II) locked Patricia Anderson


Mrs Macquarie’s Pen locked Pauline Conolly

With Patriotic Resolve locked Jeremy Buxton


John Buchan and the Dictators locked Paul Nicholls

Marcus Clarke’s Essential Recycling Michael Wilding

The Hard Decisions of Albus Dumbledore locked Robert Darby


Leaving Merrimba locked Jennifer Compton


Family Services locked Peter Ryan


Tavernier Goes South locked Neil McDonald

Adapting Patrick White to the Screen locked Michael Giffin


When Sheep Mattered More than People locked Robert Murray

The Reason Why locked Philippa Martyr


Our Task of Remembrance locked Ivan Head

Is Equality Possible, or Even Desirable? locked Peter Barclay


Letters to the Editor locked Christopher Heathcote, Ian Osborne, Bern Brent, Christopher Akehurst, Peter Bannister, Bernard d’Abrera, Michael Warby, Reg Naulty, Anthony J.P. Robinson, Christine Furedy, James Jenkin

First Person

Feet of Clay in Mexico locked John Whitehall


How Tony Abbott Should Fight the Culture Wars James Paterson

Intoxicated with Power Kevin Andrews


Cloning: The Blighted Science David van Gend

Western Civilisation

The Role of the State in the Ruin of America Daryl McCann

Nice People and the Servile State Greg Melleuish

Freedom of Speech

The White Aborigines Trial Michael Connor


Finding a Subject for Poetry locked Nana Ollerenshaw

Mr Eliot also caught the Tube locked Ivan Head

The Remains of the King locked Suzanne Edgar

The Last Bushranger locked Joe Dolce

To Kipling locked Hal Colebatch

Closing the Box locked Flora Smith

The Nun with the PhD locked Ivan Head

Bugatti locked Ashlley Morgan-Shae

The Hole locked Patrick McCauley

Burial at Sea locked Tim Murphy

Two Selves locked Suzanne Edgar

Overnight at Wellington locked Suzanne Edgar

Powder of Light locked Les Murray

H.G. Wells and Mr Polly locked Hal Colebatch

Mr Q locked Joe Dolce

Dead Cat Bounce locked Joe Dolce

Troy locked Peter Skrzynecki

The Adorant locked Peter Skrzynecki

Transportation to America locked Joe Dolce

Away from You locked Suzanne Edgar