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September 2011

Volume LV, No 9

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Keith Windschuttle September, 2011


Releasing Captive Minds locked Michael Connor


God versus Allah II locked Bernard d’Abrera


Big Characters in Small Spaces David Barrett

Don’t Truckle With Treason Patrick Morgan


Climate Change: The Dangerous Faith Václav Klaus

Green Deceit over Coal Seam Gas Nicholas T. Arndt

How Green Is Their Energy? Geoffrey Luck


Girl in White Dress Clive James

Lucian Freud locked Mark McGinness


Upton Sinclair, the Forgotten Novelist locked Ian Callinan

Ion Idriess and The Desert Column Roger Underwood

Slices of the Literary Industry locked Sophie Masson


The Winds of Lonsdale Street locked Peter Ryan


Another Elusive Tavernier Treasure locked Neil McDonald


The Word Made Wok locked Michael Giffin


Manners Maketh the City John Montgomery


Letters to the Editor locked Richard White, Tony Hassall, Ed Killesteyn, Stephen C. Due, Valerie Yule, Babette Francis, Charles Copeman, Mervyn Bendle, Peter Goddard, Anne McCosker, John Donovan


The Impenetrable Mind of a Kangaroo locked Gary Furnell

Benefaction locked Morris Lurie

First Person

Dr Mannix’s Easy Chair locked James Muirhead

Special Moment in Hidden Valley locked Chris Raja

A Summer Place locked Nana Ollerenshaw


Three Writers of Political Autobiographies locked Steven Kates

Why Are Pirates Getting Away with It? Hal G.P. Colebatch


The Lost World of the Preposition locked Robert Solomon

The Case for Latin locked David Daintree


9/11 and the Intelligentsia, Ten Years On Mervyn F. Bendle

Postcolonialist Denial of Jewish Legitimacy locked Clive Kessler

The Intellectual Left’s Treason of the Heart Kenneth Minogue


Sun Tzu and the Chinese Military Mind locked Michael Evans


If Not More locked Rod Usher

Gravel locked Geoff Page

Jesus Bloody Christ locked Steve Isham

Conversations I Do Not Have locked Barbara Fisher

A Response to Seamus Heaney’s “The Skylight” by an Ex-Carpenter locked Paul Bussan

Now They’re Gone locked Leon Trainor

Wills locked Peter Hansen

Stickytape locked B N Oakman

Leaving locked Robyn Lance

An Old Woman in Washiungton DC locked David Chandler

Ridiculous locked Robyn Lance

Showering in the Shearers’ Huts, Thargomindah locked Peter Hansen

This Fruit, the Day locked Leon Trainor

Open for Inspection locked Barbara Fisher

At the Psychiatrist locked Elizabeth Allen

Two poems locked Geoff Page

Plastic Flowers locked Barbara Fisher

Alamein locked Jennifer Compton

A shortage of tomorrows locked Robyn Lance

Half Way House locked Rod Usher

Four Lines by Ezra Pound locked Jennifer Compton

In The Detail locked Rod Usher