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July - August 2011

Volume LV, No 7-8

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Keith Windschuttle July-August, 2011


Immigration, the Nation and Multiculturalism locked Harry Gelber


The Great Purge of Our Libraries Michael Wilding


God versus Allah locked Mark Durie


Every Arrow in the Quiver Tim Murphy

Inside the Afghan War Mishka Gora

Manning Clark and the Nazis David Bird


Fishy Science on the Great Barrier Reef Walter Starck

Professor Garnaut’s Magical Mystery Tour Michael Kile


Beauty and the Art of Poetry locked Jack Sexton

Poetry and the Life Well Lived locked Barry Spurr


Somehow, We Vote for Them locked Peter Ryan


Flare Path to the Stars locked Neil McDonald


Hello Ego, Goodbye Chekhov locked Michael Connor


Lettters to the Editor locked Suzanne Edgar, H.A. Willis, Donat Gallagher, Geoffrey Lehmann, Richard Clifford, Ray Evans, Stan Scott, Michael Warby, John Dawson, Robert McLaughlin


Cutting-Out Expedition locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Backpack locked Libby Sommer

First Person

People-Smuggler and Saviour locked Sev Sternhell

Short Takes IX locked Alan Gould


Out of Love with the Economist James Allan


Naive Optimists and the Grim Reality Paul Williams

The Degradation of the Public Service John Stone

The Labor Sideshow Daryl McCann


The Debate That Never Dies Peter Smith

Defending the Faith locked Phillip Hilton

A Spectator’s Guide to the Economy Steven Kates


The Greening of the Arid Boundary locked David F. Smith

Western Civilisation

The Looming Reality of American Decline Paul Monk


In the Manawatu locked Jennifer Compton

Outback Funeral locked Cecilia Morris

Two Poems locked Brian Hawkins

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Two Giuseppes locked Joe Dolce

The Ballroom of Heaven locked Paul Lake

Gender Bending locked John Whitworth

On the Island of Cuba locked Margaret Harvey

Great Aunt locked Paula Jones

Ocean Dreaming locked Paula Jones

Go to Tassie locked Margaret Harvey

Escape Route locked Sebastian Schloessingk

Old Cheese and Pears locked Paula Jones

Holding a Book in Your Hand locked Margaret Harvey

Henrik locked Margaret Harvey

Rousseau and the Tiger locked John Whitworth

Wet-blanket month locked Margaret Harvey

Forget his eyes locked Margaret Harvey

My Soul to Keep locked Joe Dolce

The Green-Eyed Boy of the Rain locked Joe Dolce

Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin locked Joe Dolce

Teenage Vampire locked John Whitworth