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June 2011

Volume LV, No 6

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Keith Windschuttle June, 2011


Remove God, Lose Reason locked James B.T. McCaughan


The Burning Question locked Geoffrey Walker


The Civilised Magic of Oskar Kokoschka locked Douglas Hassall


Lost and/or Gained When Translated locked Ouyang Yu

Greene on Grace locked Michael Giffin


Forever locked Kerry Conway


For Real Readers locked Peter Ryan


Australia’s Pacific War Michael O’Connor

A Leftist in Cold War Canberra locked Stephen Holt

Night Encounter locked R.B. Chenevix Trench


Rivers of Money Flow into the Sand Helen Hughes & Mark Hughes

The Migration of South Africa’s Professionals locked Peter Arnold

A Different Way of Looking locked Philippa Martyr

Homosexuality Trumps Christianity locked Peter Barclay


Letters to the Editor locked Suzanne Edgar, L. Peter Ryan, Michael O’Connor, George Nikolic

First Person

Expiry Date locked Valerie Murray

Learning Australian Rules locked Michael Galak


The Progressive Liberal Strand in Victorian Politics Patrick Morgan

The Electoral Commission’s Referendum Lottery David Smith

Arts Policy and the Culture of Grovel Michael Connor

Foreign Affairs

Scraping the Rust off Cuba Lincoln Wright


A Very Large Elephant Sev Sternhell

When Scientists Get It Wrong locked Allen Greer

Western Civilisation

Superior but Brittle Daryl McCann

Latin Lessons locked Rob Nugent

Teetering on the Top P.D. Jonson


Google versus the Cyber-Socialists Geoffrey Luck


Career locked Julian Woods

Class of ’72 locked Tim Murphy

Snapshot locked Barbara Fisher

Who Needs Daughters? locked Carolyn Ingvarson

Change locked Ron Pretty

Euphemism locked Jamie Grant

Two Poems locked Tim Murphy

What Happens locked Julian Woods

Two Poems locked Barbara Fisher

Prayer for Pentecost locked Tim Murphy

Bubbler locked Clive James

Being Bamboo locked Andrew Lansdown

Metamorphosis locked Michael Crane

Smoke Plume locked Jamie Grant

Jacaranda Season locked Jamie Grant

The women of Barwon Heads locked Michael Crane