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April 2011

Volume LV, No 4

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Keith Windschuttle April, 2011


A Reverent Nostalgia locked Dennis O'Keeffe

Is Dawkins a Modern-Day Nicodemus? locked Andrew McGee


MONA’s Brutal Banality Michael Connor

Truth and Travesty Neil McDonald

The Delusions of Modern Progressives Daryl McCann

Two Views of Captain Bligh Penelope Nelson

There You Come Home Clive James


Towards a Sane Policy on Natural Disasters Wilson Tuckey

The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Global Warming (Part II) Geoffrey Lehmann, Peter Farrell & Dick Warburton

Mammoth Fantasies Michael Kile


Van Diemen’s Good Citizens locked Robert Murray


The Second Horseman locked Michael Evans

Beauty in Poetry John Whitworth

The Romantic Spirit of Mary Stewart locked Sophie Masson

What Do Poets Drink? Michael Wilding


Old Stalinists Never Die, They Just Turn Green locked Peter Ryan


The Outbreak of the American Civil War locked Mervyn F. Bendle


Global Engagement for Australian Lawyers locked J. J. Spigelman


A Cultural History of Terrorism locked Michael Giffin


Letters to the Editor locked Des Moore, A. (Len) Puglisi, Murray Mitchell, James Franklin, David Elder, Steven Mendelson, Christopher Warren


Sheep in the Valiant locked Felix Calvino

The Project of Tatsuo Takahashi locked Jason Morgan


The Delusions of the Cyber-Utopians Geoffrey Luck


The Party Without the People Eric Knight


Part I: A Generation of Reform locked Wolfgang Kasper

Part II: A Generation of Reform locked Wolfgang Kasper


Vale Cedric locked Allen Greer


Glasses locked Donald Mackay

Le Pic locked Donald Mackay

A Kid’ll Eat Ivy Too locked Joe Dolce

The Happiest Time I Ever Had locked Joe Dolce

Travels and Travails in Tanzania locked Derek Fenton

Serengeti Serenade locked Derek Fenton

Empty House locked Leon Trainor

Back Ground locked Carmel Macdonald Grahame

Like Livingstone locked Derek Fenton

Gymea Lilies locked Leon Trainor

He Considers the Witness Appearing locked Russell Erwin

Mr Critical locked Joe Dolce

Gideon Bible locked Joe Dolce

the tangled closeness of memory locked Leah Hobson

Ginger Lilies locked Jamie Grant

Bad Day locked Jennifer Compton

Royal Commission locked Karen Throssell

Air locked Myra Schneider

Shaving locked Stephen McInerney

Rude at 4 a.m. locked Joe Dolce

The Bowling Club locked Maria Schneider