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November 2010

Volume LIV, No 11

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Letters to the Editor

Letters locked Paul Amos, David Bird, Kenneth Barnes, Ken Harkness, Alan Cowan, Pauline Farley,Chris Curtis,Dudley Horscroft, Nana Ollerenshaw, M.K. Sander,Lewis Larking, John Gerard Nestor, Frank Pulsford, Hal G.P.


The Long Search for Australian Identity locked Harry Gelber


God Gave You Brains ... locked Scott Monk


Builder of Beauty Philippa Martyr

The Essential Popper Rafe Champion


Blinded by the Dominant Ideology Gary Christian


Man under the Microscope locked Giles Auty


Title locked Peter Ryan

Good and Evil in Wartime locked Daryl McCann


Peter Carey's Bootleg Tocqueville Geoffrey Luck

Memoirs of Hard-Won Success locked Laura Buzo


On the Whale's Back locked Peter Ryan


Different but Not Less locked Neil McDonald

Fictionalising History on Film locked Darrel Killen


Burnt by brilliance Michael Connor


The Empire Man locked Anthony McAdam

November 1918 Mervyn F. Bendle

Keeping Track of the Fabrications John Izzard


ATM locked Morris Lurie

Gaps in the Wind locked Janice Paull

First Person

Some Reflections on Child Removal Peter Gross


The Tyrants' Friend Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Threat from Islamic Extremism Des Moore

How to Succeed in a Hung Parliament Anne Twomey

The Ides of June locked Rob Nugent

Foreign Affairs

Kevin Rudd's Foreign Policy Overshoot Russell Trood

Western Civilisation

Introduction to Kenneth Minogue Keith Windschuttle

The Irresponsibility of Rights Kenneth Minogue

A Plague of Optimists locked George Thomas


A Miscellaneous Vegetarian Menu locked Ouyang Yu


Eight short poems Jennifer Compton

Ulysses for Italians Joe Dolce

The Rose Garden Ivan Head

Orpheo Don't Look Back Joe Dolce

In My Father's Coat Christine Paice

A Worm's Point of View Joe Dolce

The Retiring Kind Derek Fenton

101: Amy brings the thesaurus Elizabeth Smither

The Passing of CH4 Robert M. Steley

Fromelles Julian Woods

That Area North of Adelaide, 1984 Marilyn Peck

Epicentre; What I Found Jennifer Compton

Gossip Sheryl Persson

Till You Hear the Cuckoo Call Gabriel Fitzmaurice