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October 2010

Volume LIV, No 10

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Letters to the Editor

Letters locked Lance Eccles, David Elder, Bill James, Peter Gerard, Paul Monk, Owen Richards, Geoffrey Partington, Sarah Fanning


The Case for Abolishing Government Schools locked Michael Warby

The New Politics of Education locked Alan Barcan

Self-Control, the Neglected Key to Learning locked Judy Stove


Paths to Abstraction locked Patricia Anderson


Betraying Ourselves locked Peter Ryan


An Epic of Ideas locked Neil McDonald


Election Dramas Michael Connor


They Did Not Come Alone locked David Flint

The Great Myth of Britain's "Great Betrayal" Nigel Davies

The Curious Case of Commissioner Bigge's Will locked Pauline Conolly

The Imperial Constraint on Lachlan Macquarie locked J. J. Spigelman


Four Coffees locked Paul Blake

Hospital Tour locked Alex O'Sullivan

First Person

Driving Mr Nelson locked Christopher Raja

Among the Quick and the Dead in East Timor, 1975 locked John Whitehall

Dancing on the Far South Coast locked Laurie Hergenhan


Sir Bruce Williams locked I. Marie Bashir II. Noel Hush


The Left Rewrites Its History on Refugees Hal G.P. Colebatch

Niccolò Machiavelli Counsels Julia, Kevin and Tony Geoffrey Luck

Foreign Affairs

Corruption and Press Freedom in South Africa Jane Fraser

The Arab Betrayal of the Palestinians Paul Monk


A Study Tour of Israel locked Michael Giffin

Philosophy & Ideas

On the Good Life locked Iain Bamforth

Western Civilisation

When Ideology Displaces Reason David Martin Jones

The Big State and the Servile Mind Claudio Veliz

If God Goes, the West Goes Ray Evans


Event Horizon Geoff Page

Ever After Olivia Byard

Prodigal Olivia Byard

The Green Pearl Janine Fraser

Drowning on a Regular Basis Christine Paice

Royal Albatross Janine Fraser

Eagle Owl Caged Olivia Byard

You Swear Wendy Videlock

Omonia Square, Athens Graeme Hetherington

Down on Reddall Parade Christine Paice

Mornington Peninsula J.R. McRae

Eventide Bruce Dawe

Nocturne; A Premonition David Chandler

Homage to Satie David Chandler

The Canonization; Inspecting the Rivermouth Les Murray