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September 2010

Volume LIV, No 9

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Psalm 139:12 Tim Murphy

Letters to the Editor

Letters locked Paul Fenton, Murray Mitchell, Colin Pratt, Adam Body, Peter Barclay, Lindsay Brown, Darren Robins, Patrick Linehan, Bill James, Philip G. Hayward, James Franklin, Mae Vanderschaar


The Postmodern Turn in Medical Education Michael Ayling


Why Muslims Hate Dogs locked Andrew Lansdown

The Basis of All Our Freedoms locked M. A. Casey

Mythbusters locked Robert McLaughlin


A Zimbabwean Writer in Exile Jacqueline Karp

Death by Stranglehold, Too Amy Brooke


The Farmers' Nightmare locked Ranald Moore


Courage in Flight locked Daryl McCann

A Different Vintage locked Valerie Murray

Rumpled Brilliance locked Ben Jellis

The Unity of Hand and Brain locked Iain Bamforth


Anatomy of the Crime Novel locked George Thomas

The Tenacity of the Liberal Intellectuals Mervyn F. Bendle

A Warning from a Wiser Age locked Giles Auty


The Funeral Should Honour the Soldier locked Peter Ryan


Dreamscapes locked Neil McDonald

Juno-esque in Saffron locked Philippa Martyr


Theatre is dead, not Michael Connor


Poxy History locked H.A. Willis

The First Middle East Crisis locked Michael Giffin


The Recompense locked Hugh Canham

The Years of Merrimba locked Jennifer Compton


Part 2: Conservative Dissent in the Blogosphere Edwin Dyga

Part 1: Conservative Dissent in the Blogosphere Edwin Dyga


The Rulers and Guardians of Industrial Relations locked Ray Evans

Immigration Policy: Our Self-Inflicted Wounds John Stone


Time to Topple Keynesian Economics Peter Smith

Say's Law and the GFC Steven Kates

Keynes and the End of the Economic Problem locked Bruce Williams


Can Poland and Russia Get Along at Last? locked John Besemeres


The Royal Family of Australian Communism Patrick Morgan

Red Confession with a Twist Michael Easson

Australian Freedom-Haters Hal G.P. Colebatch


Corellas Nana Ollerenshaw

Busy Busy; Believe Me John Whitworth

Lost Property Suzanne Edgar

A Fall Nana Ollerenshaw

A Shumba at Shashe Derek Fenton

Tawny Frogmouth Nana Ollerenshaw

Batman Rocks John Whitworth

Bart Cummings Ashlley Morgan-Shae

Malunggang Suzanne Edgar

Four haiku Gary Hotham

The Life of Chairs Suzanne Edgar

Tears Barbara Fisher

A Broken Arm Suzanne Edgar

Stone Variations; Fancy Flattery John Whitworth

The Little White Car Alan Gould

Rhodesian Recriminations Derek Fenton

Drowning Rod Moran

Driving to Lawn Hill Nana Ollerenshaw