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April 2010

Volume LIV, No 4

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Letters to the Editor

Letters locked Jonathan J. Pincus, Jack Robertson, Hal Colebatch


The Incivility of Marcia Langton: Two Geoffrey Partington

Anzac in Ashes Mervyn F. Bendle

The Incivility of Marcia Langton: One Geoffrey Partington


Why the National Curriculum Must include the Bible Scott Monk


Still Thinking about the Fall of Rome locked Philippa Martyr

The Unreconstructed Cliff Michael Wilding

The Champagne Communist David Askew

Strange Territory locked Alan Riach

Two English Masters locked Douglas Hassall

Bull on The Wattle locked Robert Murray


Shakespeare: Portrait of the Artist as a Gifted Child locked Rob Nugent

A Sense of the Ending locked Michael Giffin

W.S. Gilbert the Poet locked John Whitworth

Inside the Mind of the Nihilist locked Gary Clark


Mel locked Sophie Masson


Behind Enemy Lines with Marcus Aurelius locked Peter Ryan


The Vitality of Film Noir locked Neil McDonald


Christopher Andrew and the Strange Case of Roger Hollis Paul Monk

History on fire Michael Connor

Mao's Last Collector locked Selwyn Parker

Removing the Stolen Generations Robert Murray


Lessons from Abroad locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Islamist Threat to Australian Security Des Moore

First Person

Memories of Willi Munzenberg locked Peter Gross


Making Them Listen Steven Kates

Easy Voting Means Fraudulent Voting Richard Mawrey


Adam Smith Knew locked Michael Warby

The Paucity of Savings and the Global Financial Crisis locked Peter Smith


Wheels of Time Robyn Lance

Spring Painting Andrew Lansdown

On Reading Robert Fisk Gary Clark

Creators Andrew Lansdown

Making Friends Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Hungry for Carnarvon Robyn Lance

Three Poems B.R. Whiting

AK-47; 303 Geoff Page

2:1 Robyn Lance

Me; Each Lily Andrew Lansdown

General Anaesthetic Jamie Grant

To My Son as He Leaves Home; To My Daughter, Pregnant Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Sub-Zero Tim Murphy

Early Morning Call John Upton