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January - February 2010

Volume LIV, No 1-2

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor locked Bill James, Digby Ricci, Donald G. Runcie, Andrew McIntyre, Nigel Morris


Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two) Keith Windschuttle

Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part One) Keith Windschuttle


The Struggle for Religious Freedom George Pell


Rivalries among the Masters locked Giles Auty

More Director than Writer locked Patricia Anderson


The Freshly-Iced Sponge locked Mark McGinness

Putting The Boot In locked Dennis O'Keeffe

No Cheating Now locked Jennifer Compton

An Irish Swan's Story locked Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Celebrating The Positive locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Calm After The Storm locked Patrick Morgan


Dickens on Child Abuse locked Michael Giffin

An Australian Literary Treasure locked Sophie Masson

Balmain Boy Tells Tales Irina Dunn


Times Past, and Ahead locked Peter Ryan


Inside Wake in Fright locked Neil McDonald


A Nation Begins locked John Izzard


Towards a General Theory of Hoaxes locked Simon Caterson


John Beatty Lucy K. Hahn

The Rain Beginning Margaret Barbalet

First Person

The Last Cat locked C.A.R. Hills

Short Takes VII locked Alan Gould


Eleven Decent Years locked John Stone

What's Left of the Left? locked Mervyn F. Bendle, John Dawson, Bill Muehlenberg, John Muscat, Andrew Norton, Angela Shanahan, Jason Soon

The Political Philosophy of Tony Abbott Damien Freeman

Philosophy and Ideas

What Hope for Western Civilisation? locked Paul Monk

Stoicism and the Profession of Arms Michael Evans


A Symphony for Australia locked Rhoderick McNeill

The Pacific

Australians in the Land of the Unexpected locked John Fowke


A Response Kevin Densley

Meeting Elizabeth Smither

In the Generalissimo's Bedroom B N Oakman

Orf Rod Usher

Blessing the house for departure; Intensive reading with Diana Elizabeth Smither

Six A.M. Knute Skinner

Mozart Elizabeth Smither

Genealogy Katherine Gallagher

Deck-Chairs Barbara Fisher

Whiteout Rod Usher

The Gravelled Path Knute Skinner

Birds Bathing Barbara Fisher

The Zappeion Graeme Hetherington

The wedding lawn Elizabeth Smither

Prey Rod Usher

Preparations Knute Skinner

Toledo Tournament Graeme Hetherington

One Hour of Light Dikra Ridha

A Suitable Guest Knute Skinner