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December 2009

Volume LIII, No 12

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor locked David F. Smith, Anne Henderson, Des Moore, Neil McDonald, Frank Pulsford, Stuart Godfrey


The Realm of Visible Creation locked Douglas Hassall

The New Frontier of Modern Art locked Chad Swanson


On Her Way Rejoicing locked Michael Giffin

Tolkien's Darkest Work locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

And So Much More... locked David Askew


Hanging On to the Bitter End Jack Robertson

What's Wrong with Australian Fiction? David Free


Dreamer Sophie Masson


The Sugar Bag locked Peter Ryan


That Was It locked Neil McDonald


Heroic acting in the stalls Michael Connor


A Groggy History locked John Izzard

Retribution locked David Bird

In God We Now Agree locked Robert Murray


The Language of "Bullying" and "Harassment" locked Anna Wierzbicka

First Person

Suddenly I'm Not an Australian locked Tina Faulk

Hushes and Varying Lights locked David Bennett


The Origins of the Crisis in Immigration Policy John Stone

Foreign Affairs

The Travails of the New South Africa Andrew Kenny


The Limits to State Regulation locked Des Moore

Economics and Socialism Don't Mix locked Peter Smith


How True Was Freud? locked Rafe Champion

Philosophy and Ideas

The Return of Ayn Rand locked John Dawson

On Liberty Mervyn F. Bendle


Lawnmower Todd Hardy

Cupboards Myra Schneider

The Swing Anna Buck

The First Drummer Boy of Xmas Jennifer Compton

Sighting Andrew Lansdown

A Return Visit to Mount Darwin Derek Fenton

Last Rite for a White Derek Fenton

Requiem for Alexander Buzo Jamie Grant

Le Vieil Homme Assis Myra Schneider

Christmastide Leon Trainor

Annus Mirabilis Reversed Jamie Grant

Summer in a Time of War Jamie Grant

The Composition Hut Myra Schneider

Losing Myra Schneider