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November 2009

Volume LIII, No 11

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor locked Michael O'Connor, Dawn Moss, James Allan, Murray Mitchell


From Red China to Reagan's America Ben-Peter Terpstra

The Flawed Rationalism of Christopher Hitchens locked Gary Clark

The Meaning of Civilisation D.M. Armstrong


From Muhammad to Anthony Mundine locked Barry Peters


The Struggle for the Schools Kevin Donnelly

Requiem for Defunct Magazines locked Alan Barcan

"Uncle Bob" locked Mark Lopez


Confronting the Confrontationalists locked Chad Swanson

Some Problems in the Art World locked Patrick Morgan


Dividing the Unknown Hal G.P. Colebatch

What Happened at Bardia? John Donovan

Standard Habbie Jamie Grant

Refusing to Be Victims J. J. Spigelman


The Frederic Manning Revival locked Laurie Hergenhan


Irving Kristol - the Australian Connection Owen Harries


The Immortal Samuel Johnson locked Peter Ryan


Scaramouche and the Swashbuckler locked Neil McDonald


The Annus Mirabilis of a Subdued Radical locked David Bird

Kevin Does History Gregory Melleuish

The secret plan to invade sydney Michael Connor

The Tanah Merah Exiles in Australia locked Ross Fitzgerald & Graham Irvine


Eurislam - A Model for Australia? Geoffrey Luck


Women in Combat - Again! Michael O’Connor


The Red Packets locked Ouyang Yu

The Senate Vacancy locked Patricia Shaw

First Person

Blacklisted locked Tom Burton


The Future of the Pax Americana locked Daryl McCann

The Most Accurate Prediction in History Bernard Levin


Where Does Language Come From? locked Michael Giffin


The Journey of Beethoven's Hair locked Agnes Selby


Elephant Alison McNaught

My Grandpa ... And Yours Alison McNaught

As-best-os Ashlley Morgan-Shae

Cracking the Shits Edith Speers

Five Short Poems Jennifer Compton

Two Poems: 2 Melinda Smith

Eels Anna Buck

Delivery Driver Alison McNaught

I’ve Ridden Slipshod Over My Life John West

In Praise of Etymology Suzanne Edgar

Table of Contents Jennifer Compton

The 41st Year of 1968 Les Murray

Three Poems Suzanne Edgar

Two Poems: 1 Melinda Smith

The Year I Nearly Went to India Bruce Dawe

Superstition Shane McCauley

Bloodlines Robyn Lance

Giant Bamboo Andrew Lansdown

Unsolved Mystery in an Upper Middle-Class Suburb Bruce Dawe