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July - August 2009

Volume LIII, No 7-8

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor locked Jeffrey Grey, Peter Stanley, John Dorman, Murray Mitchell, G.J. Tolhurst, Rob Turnbull


A Postcard from the Kimberley locked Kayt Davies

The Monster at the End of the Book locked David Free


Paine, Darwin, and Cruel and Capricious Gods locked Tom Frame

Taking Pascal's Wager locked Peter Coleman


The Politics of School Choice Kevin Donnelly


The Lessons of Black Saturday Ray Evans


The Serene Poet of Painting locked Douglas Hassall

Landscapes with Figures locked Hal Colebatch

The British Noteworthy locked Mark McGinness

How the Territory Found Its Feet locked Peter Ryan

The Bibliographer as Detective locked Milton Osborne

Religions in Decline and in the Ascendant Patrick Morgan

Jettisoning John Calvin locked Robert Murray

Franciscan Connections locked Michael Giffin


On Gin Lane locked Peter Ryan


Poetry in the Movies locked John Izzard


David Williamson by Mrs Williamson Michael Connor


The Sudden Death of Imperial Guilt locked George Watson

The Assault on Anzac Mervyn F. Bendle


In the High Cab Alan Gould

Bloody Diamonds John Eppel

Veronica's Robe de Chambre Anamaria Beligan

JM Libby Sommer

First Person

Recollections of a Rural Childhood locked Giles Auty


Rudd, Blair, and Reform of the Public Sector locked John McDonnell


What Would Keynes Say Now? P.D. Jonson

The Neo-Socialism of the Twenty-First Century Steven Kates


Cloning the Thylacine Allen Greer

Philosophy and Ideas

Science and Its Limits D.M. Armstrong


Questions of Security Bruce Dawe

Susanna Who Plays Clarinet Rod Usher

Lost Uncles Barbara Fisher

About Autumn Andrew Lansdown

Kiss Kiss John Whitworth

Desorientation a Deux Graeme Hetherington

Some Consolation Andrew Lansdown

Fenton's Farm Rod Usher

By the Lake Barbara Fisher

After Death Andrew Lansdown

I am a Woman; Heartbreak Hotel John Whitworth

Summerhill Rd Rod Usher