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November 2008

Volume LII, No 11

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Speechless Flora Smith

Mrs Oscar Hammerstein Ashley Morgan-Shae


Who Are Indigenous Australians? Helen Hughes


Tyrants and Sorcery Sophie Masson


The Return of the Old-Fashioned Thriller Neil McDonald


The Futile Quest for Climate Control Robert M. Carter

Penny's New HAT Michael Galak


The Little Aussie Cunctator locked John Izzard

Read All About Him locked Robert Murray

Standing Up and Speaking Well locked John Izzard


Yarralumla Requires Bottom, Not Front locked Peter Ryan


On spring theatre Michael Connor


My Life With Cars locked Frank Devine


Bungling Into Catastrophe locked Robert Murray

320 Years of Freedom David Flint

Van Demonisation John Dawson

Australian History as It was Taught locked Laurie Hergenhan


The Cultural Roots of Aboriginal Violence James Franklin


Faith, Hope but Not Much Charity locked Michael O’Connor

How to Think About Strategic Futures locked Paul Monk


The Woman Who Dined On Her Own Louise Bremner

The Source of the Sound Patrick Holland

Drowning Lorraine Black

First Person

If I Had a Hammer locked Murray Mitchell


Bastard Boys, Bill Kelty and Spin locked Ross Martin

Philosophy and Ideas

The Feeling of Responsibility locked M. A. Casey


Ivy Ashley Mrgan-Shae

Manoeuvres Knute Skinner

Yet another flower poem John Eppel

Her letter Knute Skinner

Shards John Eppel

On the Road John Whitworth

Coming Home to Tea John Eppel

The Nolans at St Kilda Pier Sheryl Persson

Skiing in the Main Range Barbara Fisher

Ben Hall's Photograph Kevin Densley

Stretches Knute Skinner

Morning Song Gary Clark

A Difficult First Date Philippa Martyr

Sabotage Philippa Martyr

Last Night John Whitworth

The Egg John Whitworth

To a certain controversial media personality Hal G.P. Colebatch

My Friendly Neighbourhood Psychiatrist Philippa Martyr

An Afternoon Prayer Gary Clark

Broke-Buttock Blues John Eppel

Perfect Place Derek Fenton

War Graeme Hetherington

Walking Along Stansbury Foreshore Gary Clark

Loveliest of girls John Eppel