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July - August 2008

Volume LII, No 7-8

Download PDF locked


Bernard Smith and the Formalesque Patricia Anderson

Melbourne Macbeths Sophie Masson

Haddon Chambers and the Long Arm of Neglect Roger Neill


Genesis of an Art Boom locked Christopher Heathcote

The Constitution

The Head of State Debate Resolved locked David Flint


The Ethics of Literary Hoaxes locked Simon Caterson


Full Moon locked Kerry Conway


A Restored Masterpiece locked Neil McDonald


Dog in a Box Michael Connor


Home Alone locked Frank Devine

How Good was Howard?

Liberty, Productivity and Jobs locked John Stone


The Burmese Prospect locked Richard Gate

China, Taiwan, and the Future of Geopolitics locked Paul Monk


The Visit of the Great White Fleet locked Tom Frame

The Irishness of Daisy Bates locked Bob Reece

A Tale of Two Leaders locked David Lee


Four Fictions locked George Pell


Censorship, Liberty and License locked Leonie Kramer

The Pornification of Girlhood locked Melinda Tankard Reist


The Soft-Marking Syndrome locked

Garnaut and Climate Change locked

Can Science Disprove God? locked

The New Carthage? locked

Reforming Defence locked

Defining Gods Into Existence locked

The Real Samoa locked


What We Achieved In Iraq locked Brendan Nelson

First Person

Midnight Train from Budapest Sev Sternhell


The Woman on the Train to Venice locked Patrick Walsh

The Burning Fiery Furnace John Whitworth

Like Smoke John Whitworth

Croc Les Murray

Three Haiku Gary Hotham

Tshwala Derek Fenton

Robyn Lance Robyn Lance

Paying a Bill Lorraine McGuigan

Light Plane over Sydney Cove Margaret Bradstock

On the Way to Your Funeral Kristen Roberts

Fickle Philippa Martyr

Belladonna Phillipa Martyr

Personal Glimpse Patrick Walsh

Steeplechase locked Jennifer Compton

Waipukurau Jennifer Compton

Regrettably John Whitford

Trompe-L'Oeil Margaret Bradstock

No Going Back Rod Usher

Today is for Swimming Kristen Roberts

The Farm Terraces Les Murray