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April 2008

Volume LII, No 4

Download PDF locked


Land, Work, and Bush Tucker locked Patrick McCauley

Time to Stop Dreaming locked John Stone


The Myth of Hitler's Pope Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Obsession of David Scott Mitchell Peter Coleman

History and Meaning B.J. Coman


Who Wants to Teach Physics? locked John Daicopoulos


People Like Us: How Arrogance is Dividing Islam and the West, by Waleed Aly; locked Barry Peters

The St Thomas More Forum Papers, 2005-2007 locked Sophie Masson

The Literacy Wars, by Ilana Snyder locked Kevin Donnelly

God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, by Adam Nicolson locked Michael Giffin

Arthur Tange, Last of the Mandarins, by Peter Edwards locked John Burgess

Alfred the Great by Justin Pollard & The Age of Arthur by John Morris locked Robert Murray

The Late Tang: Chinese Poetry of the Mid-Ninth Century (827-860), by Stephen Owen locked Olivier Burckhardt


A couple of Classics locked Geoff Page


Vale Paddy McGuinness locked Tony Abbot

Enemy of Humbug locked Robert Murray

William F. Buckley Jr Claudio Veliz


The Dining Room Martin R. Johnson

A Man on His Own Patricia Rolfe

Alas I Desire Too Much Carol Chandler


Our Defrauded Young locked Peter Ryan


Fine Romances locked Neil McDonald


Two Plays, Two Directors Michael Connor

How Good was Howard?

John Howard and the Constitution locked James Allan


The Cut-Lunch Commandos Max Teichmann

The Fox and the Hedgehog locked Simon Caterson

The Significance of Lepanto Gregory Melleuish


Moral Sentiments locked Roger Sandall


The Case for a National Security Strategy Michael Evans

Reforming Defence locked John Donovan

First Person

Keeping a Weather Eye Open locked Geoffrey Luck


Responsible Government - in Dilution locked I.D.F. Callinan


Diagnosing the New British Disease locked Hal G.P. Colebatch

Philosophy & Ideas

Love and the Morally Ambiguous locked Damien Freeman


The Assonance Syndrome locked Bill James


Bent as an Arrow Rod Usher

Spirit Level Philippa Martyr

Worm Ron Wilkins

Witch Hunt Philippa Martyr

Under Sentence Kerry Popplewell

Watching the Cherry Orchard Kerry Popplewell

Sandals Jan Owen

Samovar Jan Owen

Still Mauve Rod Usher

Mona Lisa at Renison Bell Graeme Hetherington

At Passchendaele Lyle Dunne

Welcome to Country Derek Fenton

On Teaching a Maths I.E.C. Class after Lunch Derek Fenton

Tshwala Derek Fenton

Currawong Lyle Dunne

Another Redistribution I See Lyle Dunne

The Mortuary Fan Cate Cadell

Abruptly Bridged Hal G.P. Colebatch

The Age of Revolution Hal Colebatch

The Right Word Paul Dolphin

South Sea Shuffle Derek Fenton

Of Mountains and Mole Hills Derek Fenton

Gossamer Web Andrew Lansdown

Trampoline Heart Elizabeth Lewis

Zapped Elizabeth Lewis

The West Wind Elizabeth Lewis

Mosquito Meditations Andrew Lansdown

Flag Andrew Lansdown

Bird Nesting Andy Halksworth

She-Oak Phillip Hall

Czech Republic (2) Graeme Hetherington

My Mother is a Mum Elizabeth Lewis