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January - February 2008

Volume LII, No 1-2

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Anti-Semitism, Its Origins and Prognosis locked Michael Galak


Britain in the Middle Ages: An Archaeological History, by Francis Pryor locked Robert Murray

The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited by John Howard Yoder locked Michael Giffin

The Berlin Wall by Frederick Taylor locked John Russell

The Liberals: The NSW Division 1945-2000, by Ian Hancock locked Peter Coleman

Vietnam: The Australian War by Paul Ham locked Bob Catley

The Argus: Life and Death of a Newspaper, edited by Jim Usher locked Evan Williams


On Interpreting Literature locked Michael Giffin

Poetry of Romantic and Economic Man locked Hal Colebatch

That First Unpleasant and Magnificent Poem Alan Gould


Ever-Ready Ted Jeremy Gadd

Dancing Around Kerry Conway

Finding My Mother's Magic Paul Mitchell


The Art and Craft of Luncheon locked Peter Ryan


In What Dimension? locked Neil McDonald


In Caesar's Pocket locked Frank Devine


Escape from Salamaua locked Robert Murray


“I'll Take the Fifth on That" locked Helen Dale


Covering Reality with Gold Leaf locked Greg Price


The Pen-Pusher is Mightier locked Michael O’Connor

First Person

Paris, May 1968 locked P.P. McGuinness


Policy Debate in the Rudd Years locked Chris Lewis


Shelter from the Storm locked Henry Ergas


Solving Two Problems with Nuclear Power locked Leslie Kemeny


The Election Outcome locked P.P. McGuinness

Philosophy and Ideas

What Makes a Man a Hero locked Iain Bamforth


La mode francaise Geoff Page

Old Jokes Geoff Page

Catalonia Geoff Page

Horseback Geoff Page

Esperanto Geoff Page

"Of all the kings of Portugal" Geoff Page

Touch-down Geoff Page

Departures and Arrivals Geoff Page

Even Children Geoff Page

Apt Nomenclature Geoff Page

The Curvatures Geoff Page

Cherry Blossom John Whitworth

Lawyer's Holiday Hal G.P. Colebatch

Update Geoff Page

Pantoum on Two Rhymes John Whitworth

Quine's Pine John Whitworth

Compare and Contrast Geoff Page

The Other Shoe Geoff Page

Blood Memory Ruth Blakeney

Kentish Cousins Geoff Page

Poems from Lerici: Like an Expert Hand Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

his arms E.A. Gleeson

Poems from Lerici: Also Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

Narcissus in the Ink Brianna Heseltine

Poems from Lerici: In November Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

Poems from Lerici: Of a Love Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

Bush Lemons Barbara Fisher

Mushrooms Barbara Fisher

Poems from Lerici: Minòn Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

Small Hours Ashley Martin

A Love of Headaches Richard Baker

Codger Geoff Page

Apt Nomenclature Geoff Page

Problem Geoff Page

Old suburban country gardens Julian Croft

Two Ballinas Geoff Page

Poems from Lerici: Sons Paolo Bertolani/Jennifer Compton

Avian Effects Rod Moran

Beachcombing Jennifer Compton

Pots and Plots Geoff Page